Mary Fogarty




Mary Fogarty is Associate Professor in the School of Arts, Media, Performance, and Design at York University. An author, choreographer, and community builder, her artistic practice is centred on collaborative experiences addressing themes of humour, the struggle for fun, and the joy found in ordinary movement. Fogarty's recent choreographic work, "Soundcheck," a collaboration with Venezuelan musician, La Clem, and the York Dance Ensemble, debuted in February of this year in Toronto, Canada. Fogarty's scholarly research explores subcultural and popular entertainment fields and their relationship to elitist assumptions about the location of artistic value. Her most recent anthology, The Oxford Handbook of Hip Hop Dance Studies (co-edited with Imani Kai Johnson), was named one of Choice's Outstanding Academic Titles for 2023. Fogarty has also written about Taylor Swift for a special issue of Contemporary Music Review (2021) and was invited last year to keynote the Taylor Swift conference at Indiana University. With Jason Ng, she is co-editing a forthcoming double issue about Breaking and the Olympics for Global Hip Hop Studies journal. Fogarty also judged Olympic qualifiers in France and South Korea for Breaking's inclusion at the Paris Olympics later this year. 

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