Call for papers

Submit your abstract until February 8th, 2022

Before submitting an abstract, please read carefully the conference rules

Submission Rules:

The conference aims to bring together a diversified set of knowledge, disciplines and arts, so that the presenta:on of proposals is open to researchers from areas such as sociology, anthropology, history, art history, cultural economics, cultural and social geography, urban planning, cultural studies, communica:on and related disciplines such as design, illustra:on, music, performance, film, visual and performing arts and new technologies.

Submissions and communica:ons can be made in Portuguese, Spanish and English. The submissions (the abstracts) must always be complemented with a version of the abstract in English. The abstracts should clearly explain the context of the research or theore:cal reflec:on to be presented at the conference. They should indicate the objec:ves, conceptual assump:ons, and methodology, as well as the expected or achieved results. The abstracts should contain a maximum of 500 words. They should, also, be accompanied by a short biography of the author(s) (max. 150 words), sta:ng their affilia:on and contact informa:on.

The limit is one submission per author (as first author).

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